Your Money Goes Farther in Denton

Denton has a wonderful quality of life with numerous career opportunities brought together by a favorable cost of living that allows individuals and families to enjoy more of the best Denton offers.

Those considering a move to Denton from another city in the United States should verify the impact on their cost of living. An excellent resource to do so is the Cost of Living Calculator, which provides information on typical expenses incurred in respective locations versus others.

Denton’s Cost of Living is nearly 4% lower than the national average and is more favorable than other popular locations in Texas. The most significant contributors to Denton’s advantageous status are healthcare and housing costs, each nearly 10% lower than the national average.

Cost of Living Comparison

Location Cost of Living vs. National Average
Denton -3.8%
Frisco -3.6%
Plano -3.1%
Dallas -2.7%
Austin +2.3%

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