Be Part of Denton’s Growth

Denton has experienced the fourteenth-most growth since 2010 of cities with a population of 100,000 or more. The reasons are numerous, from having all the necessary ingredients to deliver business success to an excellent dedication to quality of life.

Innovative Sustainability

Denton is dedicated to delivering business success today and into the future. Denton is the only city in Texas to have 100% of its energy from renewable resources. The community-owned electricity provider, Denton Municipal Electric, offers outstanding reliability and cost-competitive, stable rates while leading the nation with more wind power per capita than any other city.

Critical Location

Denton is positioned at the convergence of I-35 East and West – the nation’s primary USMCA interstate highway – within minutes of the industrial Fort Worth Alliance Airport and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Business-Friendly Financial Environment

Being located in Texas brings the advantages of no corporate or personal income tax. But Denton has also historically displayed a committed and progressive intention to deliver an array of competitive local and state incentives to companies that create jobs and drive innovation.

Quality Workforce

Denton’s 55,000+ college students and customized workforce training partnerships provide the sustainable, talented and steady pipeline of skilled talent that companies need to innovate and grow.

Quality of Life

Denton offers an active, high-quality lifestyle at a low cost of living in a diverse community where anyone can feel at home. Denton knows a healthy lifestyle extends beyond just successful businesses and has committed itself through its music, arts and recreation opportunities to ensure everyone can find the lifestyle they seek.

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