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Starting a business can be a long path filled with moments of anxiety and pressure. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can find the relief they need from the Denton Economic Development Partnership as the go-to source for information about starting, growing or relocating a business in Denton. Fill out the form below with the concerns immediately impacting your business plans. Whether that be workforce resources, financial assistance or something else, the EDP will help you address the issues.

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Additionally, gain confidence with these resources to help make doing business in Denton a successful endeavor. 

How to Start a Business

What to Know Before Opening a Business in Denton


While many steps to starting a business are constant regardless of location, every city has unique aspects. This excellent resource from the City of Denton helps walk entrepreneurs through those necessary in Denton.

2022 Texas Business Licenses & Permits Guide


Offered by the Texas Governor's office, this guide is a comprehensive listing of permits that may be necessary to operate a business enterprise in Texas.

Stoke, Denton


This coworking space is a cost-effective hub for entrepreneurs to access workspace, office amenities and a supportive, resourceful community.