Denton is a Center for Women Entrepreneur Development

The Center for Women Entrepreneurs (CWE) at Texas Women’s University in Denton is designed to help women throughout Texas find business success. The Center has many avenues to assist women entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into successful businesses, such as:

  • Critical resource advising
  • Guidance on starting a business
  • Understanding and obtaining critical financial assistance, like the StartHER Grant
  • Developing networking opportunities
  • Offering necessary training programs


As a 2020 StartHER grant recipient, the benefits of the process are greater than the award dollars alone. As part of the award agreement, I was able to attend small business training courses hosted by the CWE. These courses allowed me to learn from experts, exchange ideas with other business owners and get to know the CWE leaders. The connections I have made and continue to make by staying connected to the CWE have been most beneficial. I encourage anyone to go through the process of applying. It’s worth it.

— Amie Melton, The Mug

The StartHER grant allowed Thistle to hire a marketing agency to run a digital ad campaign to increase e-commerce revenue and website traffic. It was incredibly helpful as we navigated being a new business and trying to get the word out to potential customers. Hiring local professional marketers gave our business the boost it needed in those crucial early days. In addition to the funds, we received valuable input and mentorship from the CWE directors, staff and their affiliates. We feel so fortunate to have received this grant and to live in a community where such necessary resources are available to our community.

— Kari Meyercordf-Westerman, Thistle Creative Reuse & StartHER Grant Winner 2021