5 Cities That Are Great For Women's Careers

27 Nov 2017

Denton Named One Of The 5 Cities That Are Great For Women's Careers

Although American women have done a great deal of work, through advocacy, lobbying, and sheer numbers in the workforce, to close the gender based pay gap, women still make around eighty cents to each dollar a man makes.

It’s worth noting that this figure is a representation of white women; women of color, men of color, and disabled people, all show an even starker gap in pay.

While policy and inherent bias must be combatted through the country, there are some cities where the gap is much less dramatic. The website Nerdwallet frequently analyzes different states and metro areas around the country to see where different groups may find the best home prices, career opportunities, and other financial factors.

It is worth noting that women have made faster gains in some industries than in others; women teachers and women health care workers, for example, are more likely to have equitable pay when compared to their male colleagues. These are careers where women tend to outnumber men, which may account for the difference.

Moving without a job is just not financially possible. If you’re considering relocating for your career, look at these 5 cities. These are some of the top areas that women might find more equitable pay situations as they continue to advocate for women around the country.

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