12 Best Music Towns in the Nation

28 Sep 2017


Via Yelp/Recycled Books Records CDs

Discovering lesser-known music-centric destinations across the country:  The Nashvilles and Austins of the world have already been stamped with the music city letter, but there are far more towns out there that are rocking under the radar. Rhythm and beats, and tunes and melodies, are common threads that run through communities, showing where a town has come from and where it’s headed.

What’s buzzing out there? Where can you hear something new or listen to something familiar? We scoured the nation to uncover a range of places that have one belief in common: music is life. Besides that, these towns and cities are unique in every aspect of their musical fibers. Some of these cities have a signature sound that dates back years, while others are the anti-sound, refusing to conform to a certain genre. From classical and folk to punk and indie, these cities are turning up the volume on local stages. Check out our list of some of the best music scenes and get ready to face the music:


The sounds: University of North Texas in Denton prides itself on its music department, as the school recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of offering its first college jazz degree. While the school is certainly a star student on the performing arts scale, there’s more to the Denton music scene. Lend your ear to DentonRadio.com to catch some homegrown grooves, and heed the talent at 35 Denton or the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival.

The stages: Harvest House in Denton Square is music to your ears if you’re in the mood for backyard vibes, complete with live performances, twinkly lights, and fire pits. For something a little more intimate, and dare we say divier, belly up to the stage at Dan’s Silver Leaf; some swear they have the best sound system in town.

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