Invest in the Future of Denton, TX

Invest in the Future of Denton, TX Main Photo

8 Mar 2023


To remain competitive and to keep up with the ever-changing business climate, the Denton Economic Development Partnership develops partnerships and engages in strategic marketing efforts on behalf of the City. The Partnership is supported by stakeholders from a diverse array of industries who have a vested interest in Denton’s business and workforce development.

The EDP helps local businesses be successful by promoting businesses through national marketing efforts, funding Denton’s Small Business Development Center, and brokering partnerships with universities and the public sector.

Denton’s Success Can Be Accelerated With Help From Investors Like You

Investors enable the EDP to help new and existing businesses compete in the global marketplace. The EDP assists business owners with finding real estate and business partnerships to fit their specific needs. We also offer businesses invaluable resources and assistance to succeed. Click here for more information on how to invest in our work.