Northwest Lineman College Aims to Better Community by Investing in Denton Economic Development Partnership

Northwest Lineman College Aims to Better Community by Investing in Denton Economic Development Partnership Main Photo

1 Aug 2023


The Northwest Lineman College campuses in Boise, Idaho and Oroville, California have seen tremendous success over the years, leading staff to the decision to establish a third site. The Denton Campus opened in 2010, and 22 students enrolled. The Northwest Lineman College Denton Campus has offered exceptional educational courses for over a decade now. 

“Following the establishment of Northwest Lineman College’s Denton campus, the college quickly garnered attention from a prominent line construction conglomerate,” said Jennifer Blocker, Operations Manager for the Northwest Lineman Center. “This partnership presented an opportunity to create the Lineman Apprenticeship Program (LAP), which continues to provide on-site training for apprentices from thirty-three companies based at the Denton campus.” 

The school eventually became an investor for the Denton Economic Development Partnership. 

Why Northwest Lineman College Invested in Denton Economic Development Partnership 

The Northwest Lineman College in Denton has seen a consistent increase in Electrical Lineworker Program (ELP) enrollment which has led to investments in more classroom space. Soon after, significant improvements were made to the college’s training yard and on-site parking facilities were expanded. 

“For an organization like Northwest Lineman College, active involvement in the community and the EDP holds immense value,” Blocker said. “Situated in a thriving metroplex, we recognize the abundance of opportunities to connect with and reach potential students who are eager to embark on a rewarding journey in the power delivery industry.” 

The Denton population consists of approximately 2.4 million individuals aged 18-24 who live less than an hour away from the campus. This has led to a growing talent pool in Denton attracting major employers as well as students to the area. 

“By actively participating in community initiatives and engaging with the power delivery industry we strengthen our ties with both. We actively contribute to the growth and development of our local community while simultaneously nurturing a sense of belonging and unity within the industry itself,” Blocker said. “Being involved in the community and EDP allows us to connect with future students, understand their needs, and provide them with the necessary support to embark on a fulfilling career.” 

Learn more about the Northwest Lineman College or how you can become an investor for the Denton Economic Development Partnership.