Fisher59 Invests in EDP to Connect with Denton Community Members

Fisher59 Invests in EDP to Connect with Denton Community Members Main Photo

3 Nov 2023


“Distributing Great Beer Since 1959”

In 1959, Clyde Fisher set up a local election that would lead to the City of Muenster’s eligibility to sell beer. Soon after, Clyde and Polly Fisher launched Fisher59 — formerly known as Miller of Denton — operating out of a warehouse in Muenster and selling beer.  

“Fisher59 facilitates the distribution of beer, wine, and spirits from manufacturers to licensed retail locations, allowing customers to access a wide range of beverages,” said Jody Fisher Hennigan, Senior Business Analyst for Fisher59. “While household names often belong to brewers and distillers, our company operates behind the scenes, ensuring the seamless flow of these products.”

After its launch, the business grew quickly with a warehouse location developed in Muenster and one in Wichita Falls. It wasn’t until 1970 that a small town called Lincoln Park became the first town in Denton County to be legally eligible to sell beer and the early 1980s that Lake Dallas and Denton became eligible. In 1983, Fisher59’s inaugural warehouse in Denton was built at the intersection of I-35 and Airport Dr.

“When selling a consumer good, having a centrally located warehouse within densely populated areas maximizes operational efficiency,” said Fisher Hennigan. “While Denton and Denton County were new markets for us, the customer base was already present.”

The Fisher family eventually moved into their current headquarters in Denton in 2019, located at 5050 W. University Dr. As Denton County experienced rapid growth over the years, Fisher59 has benefited greatly.

Fisher59 Positively Impacts the Denton Economy

Fisher59 generates $3.5 million in state and local tax revenue. Not only is the company a significant contributor to the local economy, but the Fisher59 team is also committed to the Denton community. The team actively supports charitable causes through the company’s philanthropic foundation and various sponsorships. Fisher59 also employs over 300 individuals and offers an assortment of dynamic employment opportunities, catering to an extensive range of individuals.

“Practically everyone has a memorable beer story; It's a beverage that brings people together in celebration,” said Fisher Hennigan. “Working in the beer industry is not only rewarding, but it also provides an environment where everyone can thrive.”

The Fisher59 Leadership Team is committed to pioneering innovative employee benefits, from cutting-edge healthcare to providing access to financial resources through a 401(k) plan. The Fisher59 operations department enjoys a four-day work week, while the company’s state-of-the-art warehouse automation and the latest CRM tools empower its salesforce for seamless mobile collaboration. 

Fisher59 Sees Potential for Community Growth With EDP Membership

Fisher59 recently became an investor in the Denton Economic Development Partnership, noting that the Fisher family holds the value of community at its core. 

“We recognize that without the support of our community, our business wouldn't thrive. Membership in the EDP provides an invaluable opportunity to forge connections with fellow community members,” Fisher Hennigan continued. “We firmly believe that the effort we invest in our community directly influences what we receive in return. As our dynamic and distinctive city continues to flourish, we're eager to grow and prosper alongside it.”
Interested individuals and businesses can apply to become an investor in the EDP.