North Texas State Fair Association Shows Support for the Denton Business Community

North Texas State Fair Association Shows Support for the Denton Business Community Main Photo

10 Feb 2024

North Texas Fair & Rodeo, Through the Years

The North Texas Fair & Rodeo dates back to 1885, when its main attraction was a mule race held by the Denton County Fair and Blooded Stock Association. The jockey who owned the first-place mule won $5, but some tried for second place for the prize of five gallons of Mr. Bayless’ elderberry wine.

The rodeo appeared later in the 1930s, when a group of over 70 Denton-area cowboys traveled from rodeo to rodeo, sometimes without pay. Some of these cowboys were members of the Cowboys Turtle Association, which later became the Rodeo Cowboys Association, and then the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. It wasn’t until 1981, after many name changes, that the Denton County Agricultural Association president at the time, James Roden, changed the name to North Texas State Fair Association. 

“Youth, Agriculture, and Community”

The North Texas State Fair Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit that generously contributes approximately $700,000 back into the community each year. The organization’s mission is to support Youth, Agriculture, and Community, and all revenue generated is reinvested into various programs, scholarships, and facilities.

The North Texas Fair & Rodeo is Denton’s largest and longest-running event in North Texas. The nine-day event has a $12 million economic impact on the City of Denton on an annual basis and a $22 million economic impact on Denton County, according to a 2008 study by the Center of Economic Development and Research at the University of North Texas, conducted by Dr. Terry Clower.

The North Texas Fair & Rodeo brings in hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. With over 700 Denton-based volunteers, there are many unique personalities, all who all share a common goal to make the North Texas Fair & Rodeo the best that it can be.

“For the two weeks we set up and run, we are all one family,” said Glenn Carlton, Executive Director at the North Texas State Fair Association. “Three full-time employees plan the production of the event, and the volunteers take care of the rest.”

The organization builds and maintains relationships year after year while collaborating with area business partners that are also committed to community involvement. Networking and sharing ideas strengthens the support and builds a stronger foundation.

“The ability of a fair and its people to bring a community together is truly inspiring,” Carlton said. “The way it connects families and friends and offers memories and opportunities is something not just one person can do.”

North Texas State Fair Association is Committed to Progress for Denton

The North Texas State Fair Association fully supports a thriving business community in Denton.

“Joining the Denton EDP is one way we want to show support for a vibrant business community,” Carlton said. “It is also of high importance that we keep ourselves educated, business-wise, on a ground-floor level.”

Carlton said that their partnerships with area businesses have become vital to the success of the fair every year.

He continued, “The better we are, the more we are able to give back to our community.”

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